Sunday, March 14, 2010

CDMA repeaters

This platform can provide centralized management for CDMA repeaters of different types and manufacturers. Relying on the Unified Monitoring and Management Specification for CDMA repeater, the platform based on B/S network structure communicates with the repeater using point-to-point short message service, and implements the business logic, such as polling, configuration and alarm.This paper designed the software architecture of the CDMA repeater monitoring and management platform, and divided it into short message communication layer, equipment network management interface layer and business application layer. The paper put great effort into the study of the Unified Monitoring and Management Specification for CDMA repeater and Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol, and analyzed the interaction of short messages, the codec process of the Unified Monitoring Specification, and the process of monitoring business.

Monday, March 8, 2010

North China Institute of China

Aim to nurture Hi-Tech talents concerning electronic technique and information system researching, designing, manufacturing, applying and developing. A broad field covering electronics and nike running shoes. Students are expected to learn about signal collecting and processing, receive the basic training in electronics information engineering, and be qualified to nike trainers, develop, and apply integrated electronic facilities and information systems.

College Info

Out of a Total of:people Rank: cheap nike shoes Position:
Scholarship: Year Obtained:
Scholarship: Year Obtained:

Other Awards: Ever received third-class reward in the end of the first term during colledge days
Campus and Community Activities: Ever joined social activities during winter holidays and summer holidays.Such as made door-to-door selling together with relatives for Spring festival goods and opened an English training class targeted for elementary and middle school students

Fluent spoken and written English,togethether with good listenning and reading skills,and a little Japanese and RussianExcellent computer ability,including fluent operating skills in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows 98\2000\ME\XP(ever received 2-year formal training in colledge days and obtained 2-year practise in present job)Strengthened experience related to electronic material management and EMS running progress
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Strengthened experience in project management and north face jackets running progressEnhanced English and computer ability,and relatively fluent CantoneseStrong study abilityGood adaptability to a completely new environmentSociable,hardworking,and confident
FriwoIndustry:Electronics/Micro-electronics Company Type:Foreign Company / Rep. Office Company Size:1000+
Company Profile:
The FRIWO brand stands worldwide for cheap north face jackets power-supply and charging equipment. Our company develops, produces and markets power-supply and charging devices that are designed to meet the very wide range of technical and country-specific requirements.
2008-2 - 2010-2 Manager Assistant
Location:Xixian town,Baoan district,Shenzhen Job Type:Full-time Department:Marketing Department Report to:Marketing Manager Number of Subordinates:2employees :
Job Category:Administrative Specialist/Assistant
Career Level:Senior Position (spyder jackets)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Responsible for files dealing, customers' information card filling,statistics analysing,writing market report for materials purchasing and the company's strategy reference
North Huaqiang branch,Apple Inc.Industry:Hardware/Network Equipment Company Type:Joint Venture Company Size:1 - 49
Company Profile:
2007-8 - 2008-1 sales manager
Location:North Huaqiang computer city Job Type:Full-time Department:Apple Computer, Inc. Report to: Number of Subordinates:5employees :
Job Category:Sales
Career Level:management ( manager / director)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Responsible for promoting ipod series(including ipod classic,ipod touch), MacBook,MacBook Pro,MacBook Air and PC accessories.Sales volume/per month:100,000~200,000RMB
iDTIndustry:Electronics/Micro-electronics Company Type:Foreign Company / Rep. Office Company Size:1000+
Company Profile:
2004-7 - 2007-7 Junior electronics engineer
Location:Xixian town,Baoan district,Shenzhen Job Type:Full-time Department: Report to: Number of Subordinates:6employees :
Job Category:Others
Career Level:Entry Level(less than 2 years experience)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Responsible for project management
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Xi 'an International Study University

Nice temperaments.Good articulation is useful to communicate with north face jackets.Enough patience and tolerance are helpful to conquer any cheap north face jackets but never escape. Strong character is benefit for working under great pressure..Self-assessment:open-minded,enthusiastic and optimistic.

1.Fulfil the achivement assigned by northface jackets; 2.Help the HR manager to analyze the routine jobs such as recruitments;3.Make the training to new employees;4.Deal with all the issues for foreinger employees who will be in China.5.Purchase the office supplies.6.Arrange the itinerary for co-workers who will be on business trip.7.Organize and coordinate all activites for employees.8.Equipment maintaining in the office area.9.Arrange meeting and prepare related documents and take the meeting minutes; 10.Translate the related documents.11.Provide necessary assistance for the manager
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Zhejiang Education College

1. Coordinate the activities, reservations, and transportation and special arrangements during GM's business travel and during travel, arrangements for the important visitors overseas as well.2.Cheap Nike shoes and prepare management reports and other information on behalf of the GM.3. Coordinate all documents needing G.M.approval to insure they are up-to-date.4. Verify problems for GM and cheap men's nike shoes if required.5. Assists HR Manager for coordinating payroll and other cheap womens nike shoes tasks.6. Be responsible for the expert’s working permit and residence permit application.

1. Information resource and maintenance for sales team.2. Day to day support for Sales Manager.3. Assist in tracking on-going Project status and performance. 4. Project documentation and report management for China Company (tracking files, weekly report, etc). 5. Administration support, which may includes office duty, HR support, etc.6. Itinerary and business trip arrangement for Team member. 7. Be responsible for cash and invoices management.8. Assist sales for the treatment of customers complain, customers' visiting and telephone.
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Friday, March 5, 2010


1. Being familiar with IT subcontractor management, and having polo shirts implementing experience;2. Being skilled at communicating with ralph lauren polo shirts and having rich experience in dealing with customer complaint and urgent events;3.Having high self-study ability, such as transferring from food field to IT field. Within 2 or 3 days being able to understand a book with 200,000;4. Having 5 years IT management experience in International large company.

Bluex Computer Engineering Technology Co Ltd, a joint venture founded by BM China Ltd and the Ministry of Railways (MOR) in 1996, is a professional IT service provider. It is the first of its ralph lauren polo that presented the concept of professional services. As China's first high-tech chain service company, the birth of Bluex marked a breakthrough of management philosophy and operation model. Up to now, Bluex has grown into an IT services-oriented and diversified IT service company, with service coverage of over 2,000 counties and cities across China.