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I am dynamic, high-energy, pro-active and hardworking individual with the comprehensive knowledge in the field of business, market strategy nike tnand sales development. I Will give 100% toed hardy shirts given project and have the determination to see it through to its successful completion. Strives to perform my best in everycheap nfl jerseys situation and is self motivated. Have the ability to communicate effectively with people at all level, together with the aptitude to respond positively to new and changing situation. Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment. Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths.
Note: The most important thing is the work abilities, looking forward to your reply for I am one of candidates for the football jerseys Career Objective:
JOB ODIECTIVE:Related work of foreign trade .As a translator, Office clerk, developing secretary and so on.ed hardy clothes
Good command of English/mandain Ms of office software Excel word.

driver development based on mips or atom core

linux kernel/driver development based on mips or atom core
usb-OTG device driver development
graphics/media driver and OpenGL | ES, media codec
see: ed hardy underwearFinest educational backgounds. Master from Manchester University, MBA from Peking University; solid working experience in top MNC as Release/Project Manager. PMP and CSM holder,outstanding interpersonal skills, team spirits, great analytical and Project ed hardy hoodiesManagement skillsed hardy trousers, pentrating sense toward technology trend and business acumen.
Career Objective:lacoste polo shirts
Marketing / BD Manager ; Senior Consultant ; Chief Technology Officer CTO/Chief Information Officer CIO ed hardy; Customer Service Manager ; Training Manager/Supervisor House building

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Estate Planning in a Down Market

Wealth transfer is a huge issueopen your eye for those who expect their heirs will have to pay estate taxes at rates up to 45%. The tax code permits $3.5 million to be exempted from estate taxes, $1 million of which may be giventhe love of my life away before death as gifts. The estate tax is in play in Washington now. Under current rules, it disappears briefly in 2010, then returns with a lower exemption and a higher rate in 2011. But experts believe Congress will take action before the tax disappears and that the $3.5 million exemption is likely to remain.
Living life over
For 2009 you can give away up to $13,000 per beneficiary without having to pay taxes. (The $1 million lifetime limit applies to gifts abovecomputer key that yearly gift exclusion.) When asset values are depressed, as they are now, that gift-tax exclusion is more valuable. Consider: If you have 500 shares of Stock A thatno word traded at 100, with the gift-tax exclusion at $13,000, you would have been able to transfer only 130 shares before bumping up against the hefty tax. But if the shares have been knocked down by 40%, in line with the broader market, you can transfer 217 shares tax-free. The same thinking applies to getting the most out of the $1 million exemption. (The downside risk: If the stock keeps falling, you've used up part of your exemption for nothing.)

This is the simplest of all estate-planning moves for a down market. "You're trying to reduce the size of your balance sheet before you die," Weigandt says. "The question is, are you comfortable reducing your current assets to save your kids something on the estate tax? That question is harder now. But it's not all or nothing: You could take steps to give away heavily discounted assets in smaller increments."


Responsible for all project sourcingAre you happy??? / initial purchasing of three BLCs(PDP,LCD,PTV) based on principle of total cost of ownership through continuous benchmarking, supplier audit and review of suppliers’ performance.Control of tool management Enhance price competitiveness of components by conducting benchmarking and negotiations to achieve BOM cost reduction target and working closely with Cost Engineering Dept to build & update cost models. Optimize supply base and manage suppliers’ performance. Transfer smoothly purchasing activities from friend? brotherinitial purchasing stage to procurement stage by proactively communicating with procurement staff.
1) Sourcing for die tooling/stamping enjoy yourselfcomponents, participating in supplier process improvement, price negotiating with supplier for cost saving average 1.2m every year;
2) Sourcing/initial purchasing of all new components/parts under the timeline of PMP and target of TCO, liaising with PPL and global designers for first article qualification and ensure smooth project execution, achieved software homework2.6m saving per year and 98% availability of project deliverable;
3) Sourcing for tool suppliers and do control of tool management (quality, capacity, maintenance, etc) to avoid loss of sales;
4) Facilitating timely involvement where is my homeof suppliers in PCP to align requirements with Development engineer and Designer;
5) Participating in supplier improvement programme (annual audit, SRS, process improvement, etc) and purchasing survey tool to meet level 5 target;
6) Supporting SQA to improve quality level of components through regular review with suppliers;
7) Participating in market supplier survey of PDP/LCD panel and report to SBMT for decision-ma king.

Responsibilities and Achievements

1. Prepare and control QA dept fiscal year budget including overhead and headcount.
2. Determine quality objectives and target plans together with the general manager to achieve business unit goals and targets. chi hair straightener
3. Manage the QA department daily business including incoming, in-process and outgoing quality control, the Quality Test Lab, measuring and monitoring devices calibration, document control (DCC), QMS (ISO 9001: 2000), EMS (ISO 14001: 2004) and EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) activities. 4. Liaise with customers and project managers to meet all customer requirements. Lacoste Polo Shirts
5. Act as Management Representative for Q/EMS and EHS Chief Coordinator to manage internal and external audits, coordinate management reviews and drive for continuous improvements.6. Facilitate improvement activities including kaizen events, utilization of Lean/Six Sigma tools to eliminate waste Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirtsdriving customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and etc.7. Participate in supplier assessment and management.8. Motivate and coach subordinates to be proactive and creative and assist them to achieve career goals.9. Cooperate with HR Dept to delivery quality training to employees. Achievements:1. Establish the ISO 14001: 2004 environment management system andchi hair straightenerLacoste Polo Shirts
Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirts
pass the certification audit in Dec, 2007.2. Improve the electrode inspection efficienc by 50% through value stream mapping, cycle time calculation, SOE study and etc.3. Reduce DCC headcount from 3 to 2 through co-working with IT to set up DCC intranet and improve document control process (barcode).4. Reduce the FAI report average L/T from 2.5 days to 1.5 day while reduce quaity inspectors from 15 to 10 through developing universal type of measuring fixtures/jigs, designing alignment fixtures, re-organizing FAI team, enhancing measuring application/sample control, enhancing inspectors’ measuring skills and coaching them to work collaboratively.5. Complete new project planning within the timeframe required and phase in new projects successfully like HP, Microsoft, and etc.

Responsibilities and Achievements

1. Maintaining current managementchi hair straightener system as well as establishing and implementing new management system if necessary.chi hair straightener
2. Integrate different management systems such as ISO9001, 14001, 13485, QC080000 and GMP into the optimized one. ralph lauren polo shirtsralph lauren polo shirts
3. Leading for internal audit and preparing for management review reports periodically.4. Coordinating customer audit/survey and follow up customer CAR.5. Preparing for third party audit and escorting UL field representative to conduct on-site inspection.
6. Acting as a leader for new supplier qualification audit, setting up action plan for improvement and following up supplier’s corrective actions. Cheap Lacoste Polo ShirtsCheap Lacoste Polo Shirts
7. Ensuring that all incoming materials and F/Gs are compliance with customers’ hazardous substance control requirements and EU RoHS requirements. 8. Assisting Facility Department to complete equipment qualification and Engineering Department to develop process validation protocol, establish technical file, validation master plan, etc.9. Leading for NWQS (Nypro Worldwide Quality System) implementation.
10. Conducting QC 080000, GMP/FDA, NWQS training for relevant people.Achievements:
Coordinate with Nypro China Quality Director and Corporate Quality Director for establishing Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), cGMP’s (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and Nypro Worldwide Quality System (NWQS) for Nypro Shenzhen. Leading to establish Quality Management System for Medical Devices (ISO 13485: 2003) and Hazardous Substance Process Management System (QC 080000) for Nypro Shenzhen successfully. Detailed achievements as below:. Familiar with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, GMP, EHS and QC 080000 (RoHS/HSF) system. 2. Familiar with customer audit requirements like Microsoft (QSA, CSR, RSC), Dell (QSA, QPA).
3. Good knowledge and understanding of plastic tool making process, injection molding process and main board manufacturing process.
4. Good team player, leadership skill and management competence.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

House committee will look into recall of children's drugs after Tylenol recall

A congressional committee has launched an investigation into the problems that led to a massive recall of children's and infants' Tylenol and other widely used over-the-counter pediatric medicines, with lawmakers pledging to scrutinize the performances of both the drugmaker and federal regulators.
Reps. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) and Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the leaders of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said in a joint statement that they are "deeply concerned" about the recall, which affects an estimated 70 percent of the market for over-the-counter pediatric liquid medicines. It involves such brand names as Motrin, Benadryl and Zyrtec, in addition to Tylenol.
The pair pledged to ask "tough questions about the conditions of the manufacturing plant and controls put in place by the drug company's management, and about whether FDA's inspection and recall procedures were sufficient." They expect to schedule hearings in the coming weeks, they said.
The investigation comes a day after the Food and Drug Administration released documents compiled by federal inspectors who catalogued widespread quality control problems at the Pennsylvania facility where the recalled medicines were manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a division of Johnson & Johnson.
At the McNeil plant, the FDA identified defects in quality-control methods and manufacturing processes, including a failure to track customer complaints and spot trends that may signal systemic problems, a lack of written procedures and a failure to adequately train employees.
The FDA began what it termed a 10-day "routine inspection" of the McNeil facility on April 19. On the last day of the inspection, last Friday, McNeil announced a voluntary recall of 43 types of Tylenol and other best-selling brand names made at the facility. It also suspended operations at the plant indefinitely.
Federal investigators found that raw materials had "known contamination" with unspecified bacteria and "were approved for use to manufacture several finished lots of Children's and Infant's Tylenol drug products."
FDA officials said Tuesday they could not identify the bacteria.
But McNeil said that the raw materials it used for finished products were tested and found free of contamination.
Towns and Issa said they hope their investigation will clarify the conflicting accounts.
McNeil has said some of the recalled medicines may have a higher amount of active ingredient, others may contain inactive ingredients that do not meet internal standards, and still others may contain black particles.
FDA inspectors said that McNeil first learned it had a problem with black particles in some of the medications when it began receiving consumer complaints last June but that the company failed to fully investigate the problem and correct it. McNeil received 46 complaints between June and last month.
Federal officials said no health problems have been linked to the recalled medicines, but that their investigation continues. They have advised parents and caregivers to stop using the recalled medicines and to switch to generic versions, which are not affected by the recall. Impossible made possible
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At Virginia, a Vigil and the First Attempts at Healing

On a night that was supposed to be a quiet one, with final exams just a day away, more than 1,500 students at the University of Virginia put down their books Wednesday and paid tribute to a fellow student killed this week.
An amphitheater was packed for an hour with students and administrators, some holding candles, all honoring the memory of Yeardley Love, the lacrosse player who was found dead in her apartment early Monday.
Another Virginia lacrosse player, George Huguely, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with her death.
During and after the vigil, Love’s teammates and sorority sisters huddled together to weep and hug. None spoke to reporters. Some members of the men’s lacrosse team were there, too, with a few leaving early. But many students there were not close to her.
“I didn’t know her personally, but her death deeply affected the entire community because it was someone inside this community that killed her,” Michael Minneman, a 21-year-old junior, said at the vigil. “You wouldn’t think something like that would happen.”
Court documents released this week, though, gave details of how that fateful night unfolded. In an affidavit filed in support of a search warrant, Huguely, a 22-year-old senior from Chevy Chase, Md., told the police that he and Love, also 22, had recently ended a romantic relationship. He said he broke into her bedroom and attacked her, shaking her as her head repeatedly hit a wall. The police said Love’s head was badly bruised.
The two had been in physical altercations before, including at a party near campus this spring, according to two students who were there. Those students, both athletes at Virginia, said they did not want their names to be published for fear of retribution from their teammates, who have chosen not to speak to reporters.
Speaking at the candlelight vigil, John Casteen, the university’s president, urged students to use Love’s death as a valuable lesson. He said he hoped her death “inspires an anger and a sense of outrage” about violence.
“If your relationship is toxic, seek help,” he said as his voice cracked. “Don’t hear a scream, don’t watch abuse, don’t hear stories of abuse from a friend. Speak out.”
Three days after the death that shook this college town, students tried to return to their routines. Some hunkered down to write final papers or cram for tests, although Love’s teammates and friends could ask to postpone those tests, university officials said.
The men’s and women’s lacrosse teams announced Tuesday that they would continue their seasons, and they did so with the blessing of Love’s family, Athletic Director Craig Littlepage said. Both teams are awaiting seeding in the N.C.A.A. tournament on Sunday. The men are ranked No. 1, while the women are No. 5.
At the same time, Love’s body remained at the state medical examiner’s office in Richmond, where the autopsy was completed Tuesday and toxicology tests are pending. Only the cause and manner of death will be released, said Steve Murman, a district administrator at the medical examiner’s office. Her funeral is scheduled for Saturday in Baltimore, not far from her hometown, Cockeysville, Md.
Huguely, who was set to graduate this month, is in a Charlottesville jail. He is awaiting his next hearing, on June 10.
For Casteen, the entire incident is hard to take. He said at a news conference that there were “a number of gaps in this situation that concern” him. One of those was that the university had not been aware of Huguely’s 2008 arrest about 70 miles from here, for public swearing, intoxication and resisting arrest, until it was reported in the news media this week. The arresting officer said that Huguely threatened to “kill everyone” in the police department if he was arrested.
Casteen said he was startled to learn that universities were not automatically notified when one of its students had been arrested. From now on, he said, Virginia will be periodically checking a statewide database for any of its students, especially athletes, who are arrested and charged with a crime.
“We should be using it in a defensive way to protect our students,” he said.
Still, Huguely had no record of aggressive behavior or discipline issues at Virginia, university officials said.
“There is absolutely nothing in my office to indicate that there was any problems or conduct issues with Mr. Huguely,” said Allen Groves, the dean of students.
Littlepage also said no incidents had been reported to him. He said, “I think the information and communication gaps are things we have to examine.”
According to documents filed with the Charlottesville Circuit Court on Wednesday, which have since been sealed by a judge, the police have searched Huguely’s apartment since Love’s death. They found a University of Virginia T-shirt that was stained red, a letter to Love and various other items that may be used as evidence in the case against Huguely, according to a report on the Web site of The Charlottesville Daily Progress.
Among the items seized by the police were two laptop computers, a spiral notebook, two socks, a bathroom rug, a shower curtain, the apartment’s entryway rug, a pair of cargo shorts and a polo shirt, the newspaper said. Investigators also took DNA swabs from several places in the apartment, including from the bathtub and the kitchen’s trash can. Make yourself heard
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Supplier evaluation

*End to end management of programs focusing on every stage of product development lifecycle custom made prom dressesdiscount wedding gowns
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*Develop logistically sound supply chain for new product programs
*Communicate effectively at all levels*Lead, motivate and coach
*Manufacturing and supply management experience
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*Supplier evaluation, contract negotiation and management skills
*Good knowledge of international transportation and banking, varying customs regulations, and internationalcheap evening dressescheap evening dresses
supply chain processes*PMP credential
To obtain a Program Manager position with a leading organization where I will utilize my experience in Program/Project Management, manufacturing and supply management, and communication skills

I tried my best to get my Cambridge Business

To succeed,or not to succeed,that is not a wedding dressesnew wedding dresses
Everything I have done is meaningful for me.So,I tried my best to get my Cambridge Business English Certificate,and I have passed new shoes 2010
new shoes 2010.In my college life,wedding gowns dressesI have tried every opportunity to fulfill my abilities.During my four-year life in the university,I have enjoyed every minute to learn from my foreign teachers and chinese teachers,and I have made a lot progress in my major ,wedding gowns dresses especilly in my view to the world.I am anticipating my f

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CDMA repeaters

This platform can provide centralized management for CDMA repeaters of different types and manufacturers. Relying on the Unified Monitoring and Management Specification for CDMA repeater, the platform based on B/S network structure communicates with the repeater using point-to-point short message service, and implements the business logic, such as polling, configuration and alarm.This paper designed the software architecture of the CDMA repeater monitoring and management platform, and divided it into short message communication layer, equipment network management interface layer and business application layer. The paper put great effort into the study of the Unified Monitoring and Management Specification for CDMA repeater and Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol, and analyzed the interaction of short messages, the codec process of the Unified Monitoring Specification, and the process of monitoring business.

Monday, March 8, 2010

North China Institute of China

Aim to nurture Hi-Tech talents concerning electronic technique and information system researching, designing, manufacturing, applying and developing. A broad field covering electronics and nike running shoes. Students are expected to learn about signal collecting and processing, receive the basic training in electronics information engineering, and be qualified to nike trainers, develop, and apply integrated electronic facilities and information systems.

College Info

Out of a Total of:people Rank: cheap nike shoes Position:
Scholarship: Year Obtained:
Scholarship: Year Obtained:

Other Awards: Ever received third-class reward in the end of the first term during colledge days
Campus and Community Activities: Ever joined social activities during winter holidays and summer holidays.Such as made door-to-door selling together with relatives for Spring festival goods and opened an English training class targeted for elementary and middle school students

Fluent spoken and written English,togethether with good listenning and reading skills,and a little Japanese and RussianExcellent computer ability,including fluent operating skills in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows 98\2000\ME\XP(ever received 2-year formal training in colledge days and obtained 2-year practise in present job)Strengthened experience related to electronic material management and EMS running progress
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Strengthened experience in project management and north face jackets running progressEnhanced English and computer ability,and relatively fluent CantoneseStrong study abilityGood adaptability to a completely new environmentSociable,hardworking,and confident
FriwoIndustry:Electronics/Micro-electronics Company Type:Foreign Company / Rep. Office Company Size:1000+
Company Profile:
The FRIWO brand stands worldwide for cheap north face jackets power-supply and charging equipment. Our company develops, produces and markets power-supply and charging devices that are designed to meet the very wide range of technical and country-specific requirements.
2008-2 - 2010-2 Manager Assistant
Location:Xixian town,Baoan district,Shenzhen Job Type:Full-time Department:Marketing Department Report to:Marketing Manager Number of Subordinates:2employees :
Job Category:Administrative Specialist/Assistant
Career Level:Senior Position (spyder jackets)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Responsible for files dealing, customers' information card filling,statistics analysing,writing market report for materials purchasing and the company's strategy reference
North Huaqiang branch,Apple Inc.Industry:Hardware/Network Equipment Company Type:Joint Venture Company Size:1 - 49
Company Profile:
2007-8 - 2008-1 sales manager
Location:North Huaqiang computer city Job Type:Full-time Department:Apple Computer, Inc. Report to: Number of Subordinates:5employees :
Job Category:Sales
Career Level:management ( manager / director)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Responsible for promoting ipod series(including ipod classic,ipod touch), MacBook,MacBook Pro,MacBook Air and PC accessories.Sales volume/per month:100,000~200,000RMB
iDTIndustry:Electronics/Micro-electronics Company Type:Foreign Company / Rep. Office Company Size:1000+
Company Profile:
2004-7 - 2007-7 Junior electronics engineer
Location:Xixian town,Baoan district,Shenzhen Job Type:Full-time Department: Report to: Number of Subordinates:6employees :
Job Category:Others
Career Level:Entry Level(less than 2 years experience)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Responsible for project management
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Xi 'an International Study University

Nice temperaments.Good articulation is useful to communicate with north face jackets.Enough patience and tolerance are helpful to conquer any cheap north face jackets but never escape. Strong character is benefit for working under great pressure..Self-assessment:open-minded,enthusiastic and optimistic.

1.Fulfil the achivement assigned by northface jackets; 2.Help the HR manager to analyze the routine jobs such as recruitments;3.Make the training to new employees;4.Deal with all the issues for foreinger employees who will be in China.5.Purchase the office supplies.6.Arrange the itinerary for co-workers who will be on business trip.7.Organize and coordinate all activites for employees.8.Equipment maintaining in the office area.9.Arrange meeting and prepare related documents and take the meeting minutes; 10.Translate the related documents.11.Provide necessary assistance for the manager
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Zhejiang Education College

1. Coordinate the activities, reservations, and transportation and special arrangements during GM's business travel and during travel, arrangements for the important visitors overseas as well.2.Cheap Nike shoes and prepare management reports and other information on behalf of the GM.3. Coordinate all documents needing G.M.approval to insure they are up-to-date.4. Verify problems for GM and cheap men's nike shoes if required.5. Assists HR Manager for coordinating payroll and other cheap womens nike shoes tasks.6. Be responsible for the expert’s working permit and residence permit application.

1. Information resource and maintenance for sales team.2. Day to day support for Sales Manager.3. Assist in tracking on-going Project status and performance. 4. Project documentation and report management for China Company (tracking files, weekly report, etc). 5. Administration support, which may includes office duty, HR support, etc.6. Itinerary and business trip arrangement for Team member. 7. Be responsible for cash and invoices management.8. Assist sales for the treatment of customers complain, customers' visiting and telephone.
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1. Being familiar with IT subcontractor management, and having polo shirts implementing experience;2. Being skilled at communicating with ralph lauren polo shirts and having rich experience in dealing with customer complaint and urgent events;3.Having high self-study ability, such as transferring from food field to IT field. Within 2 or 3 days being able to understand a book with 200,000;4. Having 5 years IT management experience in International large company.

Bluex Computer Engineering Technology Co Ltd, a joint venture founded by BM China Ltd and the Ministry of Railways (MOR) in 1996, is a professional IT service provider. It is the first of its ralph lauren polo that presented the concept of professional services. As China's first high-tech chain service company, the birth of Bluex marked a breakthrough of management philosophy and operation model. Up to now, Bluex has grown into an IT services-oriented and diversified IT service company, with service coverage of over 2,000 counties and cities across China.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Real Meaning of Peace

There once was a king who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace. Many artists tried. The king looked at all the pictures. But there were only two he really liked, and he had to choose between them. One picture was of a calm lake. The lake was a perfect mirror for peaceful towering mountains all around it. Overhead was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. All who saw this picture thought that it was a perfect picture of peace.

The other picture had mountains, too. But these were rugged and bare. Above was an angry sky, from which rain fell and in which lightning played. Down the side of the mountain tumbled a foaming waterfall. This did not look peaceful at all.

But when the king looked closely, he saw behind the waterfall a tiny bush growing in a crack in the rock. In the bush a mother bird had built her nest. There, in the midst of the rush of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest — in perfect peace.

Which picture do you think won the prize? The king chose the second picture. Do you know why?

“Because,” explained the king, “peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart. That is the real meaning of peace.”

Collecting Valuable Information using Social Media

Certainly everybody understands that social media has become a very important public relations and advertising tool. In fact, one of the most powerful advantages of using social media is the ability it provides with regards to monitoring your brand. You can use search engines in Twitter or Facebook to find how many times your company has been mentioned. There have even been applications developed that will deliver this information in real-time to your desktop. However, this kind of information really only tells you about the visibility or reach of your brand without telling you anything about how people perceive your brand, use your brand, or feel about your brand. If you want more specific feedback, you have to get more proactive. Social media can be used to gather specific information from clients or potential clients about your business, new products and services, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and other issues. The following are a few ways that you can harness the power of social media to gather detailed information about your company.
Use your Website or Blog to Post a Survey Surveys have become commonplace on many websites. If you visit a news site you might see a survey about your favourite sports team or movie and in fact you can get quite a lot of information about site visitors with a survey. Indeed, feedback forms have evolved from the cards you get in restaurants, for example, to short surveys on websites and they can be easily adapted for use without any programming knowledge. One service that allows you to create any kind of form, including open-ended questions, multiple choice questions, or polls with radio buttons, is WuFoo. Once you create your survey it is easily embedded on your website or blog with a simple cut and paste function. Moreover, you can log into your WuFoo account where you get immediate reports on the outcomes of your questionnaire or survey and you can even update your polls as you go.

Create a Facebook Poll Many businesses nowadays are aware of the impact of a Facebook page. With millions of users around the world, Facebook represents one of the easiest ways to reach a wide audience quickly. If your company or brand uses a Facebook page, you can add applications to keep your "friends" engaged and interested in your brand. By adding applications like polls to your Facebook page, your friends are not only giving you some information but they are also communicating their interest in your brand to other friends. This means, you not only have an excellent opportunity to gather information but you can increase your audience as well.

Twitter Polls Using Twitter allows you to share links to your webpage or blog and likewise to any polls you may have posted. Once you have used a service like WuFoo you probably want to attract as many people to the poll as possible. Sending out a link to your poll on Twitter allows you to bring your Twitter audience to your web page and subsequently gather information from them. In addition, there are even feedback applications that have been designed specifically for Twitter. This gives you immediate information. All you need to do is set up your account with a company like PollDaddy, create your question or pole, and then questions are automatically tweeted to your followers. Likewise, TwtPoll, is another Twitter polling service that has a built-in feature that allows respondents of your poll to further tweet the poll question to their followers. This vastly expands the size of your audience and gives you more realistic information about the perception of your brand (really, if you always ask your followers what they think, you might not get the most honest feedback...imagine what would have happened with Vista if Microsoft only polled people who love Vista).

Don't Forget YouTube Posting a YouTube video comes with two major advantages. First, you can reach a wide audience with whom you can share your company and brand information. YouTube is becoming more and more popular and because it's free it can be a great place to expand your brand's reach. In addition, YouTube allows for more detailed responses to your brand. YouTube users can watch your video and share detailed comments about what they think and feel about it. Also, you can cross-link between your video and your webpage or blog thereby increasing traffic to your website and to your video so you gather more information from more users.

Be Responsible Social media provides businesses with low-cost and efficient solutions for gathering information from customers. You can easily post information about upcoming products or services and you can inform a large audience about your brand. Conducting market research has never been easier but there are some drawbacks that come from using social media to conduct market research. Namely, using social media means you are putting information out on an open platform that almost anybody can access. For example, imagine your company has been working for years on a revolutionary new product and you want to ask your customers what they think. Posting a poll on Facebook means that everybody can access information about this new product and you are essentially broadcasting sensitive information to your competitors. As such, social media market research should be designed carefully as to help you gather the information you need without unveiling the details of your market strategy.Moonrise Productions is a full services web design company offering complete design services, social networking website development, ecommerce development and more. With New York, San Diego, San Francisco and a Los Angeles presence no matter where you are, we've got people to serve you.


Graduated in 1999, I has been working for 10 years. I started in Zhongrun as a SALES, and then promoted gradually to account manager, director of client, media director, all the way to senior project manager. Through the process, I successfully transferred my role from TOP-SALES to a middle level managers. I also witnessed the changes for the companies from start-up to enlistment. All the challenges and setbacks in the years become my biggest treasures in my career. That is the summary to my development in the last 10 years, and the start point for my future career. Those experience make me brave to face any challenges and opportunities in the future! I hope this is a cornerstone to mark a new career in my life


Courses with the numbers 800 or above are open only to graduate students.Certain courses,generally those devoted to introductory material,are numbered 400 for undergraduate students and 600 for graduate students. Courses designed for students seeking a professional degree carry a 500 number for undergraduate students and a 700 munber for graduate students.
A full-time graduate student is expected to take courses which total ten to sixteen credit hours. Students holding assistantships are expected to enroll for proportionately fewer hours.A part-time graduate student must register for a minimun of five credit hours.

Symphony of Sounds

The music starts to play
And I escape away
To the mellow beat
It’s my secret cheat
On how to leave it all behind
I clear my mind
Let my muscles relax
Erase my mind of the facts
That surround me
Right now, I’m free
By these beautiful sounds