Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Responsible for all project sourcingAre you happy??? / initial purchasing of three BLCs(PDP,LCD,PTV) based on principle of total cost of ownership through continuous benchmarking, supplier audit and review of suppliers’ performance.Control of tool management Enhance price competitiveness of components by conducting benchmarking and negotiations to achieve BOM cost reduction target and working closely with Cost Engineering Dept to build & update cost models. Optimize supply base and manage suppliers’ performance. Transfer smoothly purchasing activities from friend? brotherinitial purchasing stage to procurement stage by proactively communicating with procurement staff.
1) Sourcing for die tooling/stamping enjoy yourselfcomponents, participating in supplier process improvement, price negotiating with supplier for cost saving average 1.2m every year;
2) Sourcing/initial purchasing of all new components/parts under the timeline of PMP and target of TCO, liaising with PPL and global designers for first article qualification and ensure smooth project execution, achieved software homework2.6m saving per year and 98% availability of project deliverable;
3) Sourcing for tool suppliers and do control of tool management (quality, capacity, maintenance, etc) to avoid loss of sales;
4) Facilitating timely involvement where is my homeof suppliers in PCP to align requirements with Development engineer and Designer;
5) Participating in supplier improvement programme (annual audit, SRS, process improvement, etc) and purchasing survey tool to meet level 5 target;
6) Supporting SQA to improve quality level of components through regular review with suppliers;
7) Participating in market supplier survey of PDP/LCD panel and report to SBMT for decision-ma king.http://www.politic.co.uk